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Thread: How to Drink Alcohol

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    How to Drink Alcohol

    Hi guys,

    Every weekend, I used to consume hot drinks with my friends. This is only for fun and to share all the things that happened during the entire week. We used to make noise, dance, shout, and so on. But this is the first time; Im going for an office party. Im very much afraid that, I should not do the same when I drink with my friends. I dont want to create an embarrassing situation in that party.

    Please tell me, how to drink alcohol and stay clear-minded in the party???

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    Hey Dude,

    This is the main problem with most of the guys. You can follow these tips

    Eat an hour before you drink.
    Include the protein-rich foods like eggs, cheese, nuts, boiled potatoes, two tablespoons of olive or sunflower oil, pickles, and other salty foods.

    Choose the Drink with the Lowest Alcohol Content
    Stay with the Same Drink that evening
    Avoid drinking carbonated drinks like soda, too, as the carbonation carry the alcohol to your bloodstream quickly.

    Have more or little food to stay sober, because the food helps to absorb the alcohol and protect your stomach lining from the strong alcohol.
    Be active by chatting by chatting with others, when you drink. If possible, mingle yourself in the party

    Hope, this will help to maintain you in a genuine way in the party!!!

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