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Thread: My Dream Trip with family

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    My Dream Trip with family

    Hey guys,

    I wanted to share my experience with you all I had planned a family trip with my family. And we went to many places in India. We had wonderful time travelling to many places I said, I was my dream to go out with my family on a long trip and my dream come true..! We had been to a temple in Kerala and even stayed in Kerala for 3 days. We enjoyed our stay in Kerala people were so nice to us and the climate is really awesome…!
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    Hey Nitin, Looks like you had a great time with your family. I want to ask you something because I am planning to visit Kerala in the1st week of Jan 2013 can you please tell me some of the best places that you visited with your family. I am planning to take my wife and my two kids in the month of Jan. I wll help me to plan my trip with my family, if you share about the best places that you visited.

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    Hey Nitin, seems like you had some awesome time at Kerala.

    I too recently had been on a small family excursion. What an adventure it was! We had been to this place called Della Adventure. The adventure sports were fantastic, as was the food, spa facilities and resort. It is located in Lonavala. This is the mecca for any Mumbaite or Puneite with an adventure streak and a sporting group of friends. The layout of the place is absolutely fabulous,...

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