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Thread: How To Care For Your Baby In Winter?

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    How To Care For Your Baby In Winter?

    Can any one tell me how to care for baby in winter. kindly share me your ideas

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    Each generation has to learn how to dress their new babies for winter weather. A new born baby ability to regulate body temperature is not well developed .

    Diapers are under shirt are important as the first layer of clothing and should kept dry with frequent changes .
    Keep the away blankets from infants face and place the babies on their backs for sleeping at night reduce the risk of smothering .
    When the child start walking be sure have non kid soles on the bottom of the feet
    Remember to protect the baby face from wind and the sun burn
    frequently washing hands is the simplest and most effective way of getting rid of cold and flu germs. Wash your baby's hands as often as you can, especially if he keeps putting them in his mouth
    hope this will help you
    Massaging your newborn baby in the winter can improve his blood flow and help build his immunity. In the colder regions of the country most mothers use mustard oil as it warms the body
    Evaporating moisture in wet clothes tends to cool the hands and body
    Choose to manage your baby s clothing carefully to keep you baby safe and warm in winter

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