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Thread: Wonderful moments with my Father

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    Wonderful moments with my Father

    Hi friends,

    I’m sharing this thread, to share one of the beautiful moments I had with my father who is no more in this world.

    He never behaved like a dad. I’ve seen often saw the kindness and humbleness in his eyes. He was with me in all joyous and dreadful situations. He never complains, and we spent quality time together. When I was 15, one fine day around 12 - 12.30, he woke me up. And he served with the cookies, desserts and everything which I love. I am in half-sleep and I don’t know why he reacted like that. Due to his compulsion, I ate everything and slept off. When I woke up in the morning; I heard the cry of my mom that my dad is no more. He knew that, he is going to die. That’s why; he expressed the utmost love for me at late night. He was the great man, and he will always in my heart!

    This is dedicated to my dad and the guys who love their dad!!! Please come forward to share all your wonderful moments with your dad…

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    Hey Dude,

    Thanks for starting such a wonderful thread!!! It made to look back to the golden days that I spent with my dad.

    My dad is a comical person, and often used to crack jokes. He wont take things seriously, and he involved me in many of the extra-curricular activities which I love. He wont threaten me or beaten me for the mistake Ive done and the poor marks I got in my academics. Instead, hell advise me in a friendly way that, I realize my faults and will not get an intention to do it again.

    The most wonderful moment with my dad is he took us to a long trip to Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. We spent almost 1 month in those beautiful Islands.

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