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Thread: How to use wi-fi in samsung star 3 duos?

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    How to use wi-fi in samsung star 3 duos?

    Hi all,

    Few days back my friend had bought a new samsung star 3 duos from a mobile showroom. Since he was attracted by the stylish looks, he bought it blindly without even enquiring about the features and specifications. He does not know how to connect the wifi in that phone can anyone please tell how to use wifi in this phone please help.

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    Wi-Fi is a standard for wireless network connections, specifically wireless local area networks. Wi-Fi is mostly used to use internet. 802.11 is the IEEE standard for WiFi. There is no complications in using wifi To use wifi a user will need a device that has wifi capability. Wifi has to be enabled on the device. After the device is allowed then search for a connection. To connect to the network enter password. Connect should be established.

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