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Thread: Which is the Best DSLR under 30000?

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    Which is the Best DSLR under 30000?

    Hi all,

    In my college they are planning for an industrial visit. The place which we are going to visit is “mysore”. I really love to visit such industrial areas, I just can’t stop only by visiting it. As this is our final year I thought of taking some pictures as the sign of remembrance. But the problem is I do not have camera, as I do not have it, I am planning to buy the new one. When I told this to my friends they suggested me to buy DSLR camera. The budget is 25000. Since my budget is so much, I am looking for some DSLR cameras under Rs 30000. Could you please help me on this?

    Thank you!!

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    Digital single-lens reflex camera is a very good choice. Because they use mirror positioned behind the camera lens to direct light toward the finder who are viewing when composing the photo. There are many DSLR cameras which are available below 30000. Here I would like to list out some of the best cameras.

    The following are the DSLR cameras below 30000;

    • Olympus E450 (Rs 23,995)
    • Nikon D3000 (Rs 22,000)
    • Canon EOS 1000D (Rs 22,500)
    • Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 (Rs 27000)
    • Canon EOS Rebel XS (28000)

    Hope it helped!!!

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