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Thread: Ten tips for women traveling alone

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    Ten tips for women traveling alone

    Iím planning to head off to India I want to travel and visit as many places I can, if anyone want you give me any ideas, suggestions or advices please share it I'd really appreciate it. And also tell me about the places I can visit and place to stay..! Please donít forget to share your experiences of the places you visited..!

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    I had taken short trips on a solo basis just for two days, I love to travel alone I will never forget my days. I would like to suggest few places to visit. It would have been more helpful if you had given few more extra details like the budget, how many days your day you have planned and few more other details. Anyways I will tell you few tips for a women traveling alone.

    1) Do not travel alone Do not ever travel after dark.
    2) Be alert
    3) Do not carry any gold or any expensive thing with you and please make sure you carry a lot of money any with you.
    4) Please keep in touch with your family while traveling, call them and update them each and every activity that you do..! Don’t keep them worried.
    5) Travel with safely take public buses and not take auto rickshaw’s
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