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Thread: Best Bollywood director for 2012

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    Best Bollywood director for 2012

    Hi all,

    How many of you watch bollywood movies?

    I really like to watch Bollywood movies, because they are really entertaining. I will always prefer watching the movies of director yash chopra, who has given many hit movies. I really like his dedication service etc towards the movie which he directs. For this year he gave two hit movies, namely jab tak hai jaan, ek tha tiger. Here I would like to put forth a question for you all. Who do you think is the best bollywood director who gave many hit movies this year i.e. 2012?

    Thank you!!!!

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    Hi Abdulla

    We would always watch a movie for its star cast, story or music. Sometimes we tend to like the people behind the camera, more than those who are the actual leaders. I am just talking about the directors.......

    Directors are the one who takes all the risk in making a film. If a film is shot, and at the time of the releases they will be the one who are more worried about the movie, they will always hope for audience response. If the movie becomes hit they will feel really happy and satisfied. Directors are the mile stone for each and every movie.

    Today, Bollywood has interesting and most talented directors from path-breaking movies. Besides various genres i.e. action oriented and romance. Even though there are n numbers of directors in bollywood industry, few will be considered as the best director. Such a director is Karan “Malhotra” according to me he is the best for the year 2012.

    I would like to list out few other directors, who gave hit movies in 2012;

    • Ashwani dheer
    • Anurag basu
    • Ashish r mohan
    • Sajid khan
    • Sujay ghosh

    If you guys wanted to share your views and opinions on this, please do share it!!!!

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