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Thread: Summer hand and foot care tips

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    Summer hand and foot care tips

    Hi all,

    Summer season is the one which brings about a new set of problems for our hands and feet. During this summer if the shoes are worn tight and exposed to sunlight there of some possibilities of getting infections like fungal infections psoriasis etc...When we are stepping out with the sleeveless top or dress our arms and legs will be directly exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun. Therefore tanning and many other skin problems may arise. So it is better to take some precautionary measures prior itself. So can anyone please give some useful hand and foot care tips during summer? So that it will be helpful for each and every one.

    Waiting for your valuable replies!!!!

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    Hello friends,

    Summer is the time where most of us are exposed to various skin problems. It is very important to take care of your skin during summer in order to avoid various skin allergies or problems. As you are looking for some hand and foot care tips for summer, I would like to share it with you, please just take a glance;

    Here are few hand and foot care tips during summer;

    First let me give some tips for feet;

    During this burning summer it is advisable to take care of your skin. Soak your feet with lukewarm water because, one of the dermatologists had suggested that in order to ease the tiredness and also helps to get rid of dust and pollution.
    Before stepping out it is advisable to apply some sunscreen lotion, both on the hands and feet.
    Use some lightly scented foot powder before stepping out to avoid smelly feet.
    It is also good to take up some foot massage once in a week. This will help in keeping the foot clean. Another thing is trim your nails often to avoid dirt and dust.

    The second part is for hands.

    There are only few for hands but those are very effective;

    The first and the foremost thing to be done is, wear some hand gloves to avoid wrinkles and calluses. Wear it to protect the hands from enormous heat.
    Use some sunscreen lotions or creams every mornings and afternoon.
    Another important thing is use some hand scrub to remove the dead skin from the hands at least once in a week.

    Follow the above mentioned tips to have a perfect skin even in summer.

    Hope it helped!!!!

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