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Thread: Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids Lunches

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    Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids Lunches

    I have a simple question to ask..
    My neighbor always comes to my home complaining about her kids that they donít like the snacks that she prepares..
    If you know any good, tasty and healthy snacks for kids lunch..

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    Your neighbor is absolutely correct kids are very mischievous and they donít like healthy foods. All they want are biscuits, chocolates, noodles, puffs, etc..
    Let me list some of the easy and healthy lunch ideas for kids. Try this for a week and check whether kids bring empty lunch box to home from school or not.

    You can give pineapples and cherry in a box.
    Sweet potato chips
    You can make dry fruits granola
    Carrot Halwa
    Fruit Jellies

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