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Thread: Reduce Dark Circles Naturally

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    Reduce Dark Circles Naturally


    I was never had the black circle under my eyes. Now I have noticed that I am having black circle in my eyes which makes my face go very dull. I tried many creams which is available in the market . but I did not find any good result . I am looking forward for the use ful tips to get rid of this problem naturally

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    A very common problem now a days is to dark circle under eyes . Dark circles mostly occurs for women than men . for this many women look for natural way so they will fresh and glowing face

    1>Whenever your using tea bags after using donít throw keep it in on the closed eye for 20 minutes for 2weeks you can defiantly changes
    2>Sleep at least 8 hrs it play the best role in the appearance of dark circle will be reduced
    3>Almond oils massage round the eyes works great
    4>Apply the mixture of almond oil and honey at night round your eyes
    5>Place cucumber round piece on both of your eyes lie down and relax keeping your eye closed

    This tips surely help you to remove the black circle in your eyes

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