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Thread: Simple and Effective Home Made Face Packs

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    Simple and Effective Home Made Face Packs

    Hi all,

    I am a college going girl looking for some beauty tips. As you all know that summer is nearing I am totally worried about my skin. A week before I had done golden facial, starting it was ok, but after few days, there were some pores, pimples developed on my face and my face has become so dull. I am seriously worried about that. When I told this to my friend, she suggested me to try with some homemade facial packs which has no side effects. So I am looking for some simple and homemade face packs, could you please help me on this.

    Waiting for your valuable replies!!!!

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    Hi Natasha...

    Here I would like to give some easy indian skin remedies for the summer. All the ingredients are easily available right at home and the methods also are quite effective. Homemade face mask can be made by using the basic ingredients found in the house. These homemade face masks are cheaper and no side effects.

    I would like to share some simple and effective homemade face packs;

    Banana face pack

    Making a banana face mask is very easy and also less expensive. The following is the method to do that;

    First mash the banana and then add a table spoon of rose water. Keep it for few minutes. Then apply it all over the face and allow It to dry for 10-15 minutes. After that, wipe it with the clean cloth.

    Tomato facial mask

    This is also a very easy thing which can be done with all the ingredients available at home.

    First take two tomatoes and add tomato juice to 1/3 cup of flour, mix it well. Apply it on your face and let it dry for few minutes. After that wash your face with warm water and then cold water

    These homemade facial packs are very effective and it will also help in having a glowing skin. Try this.....

    Hope you will try it!

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