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Thread: Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

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    Smile Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

    Hello All,

    We all a great lovers of yummy junk foods.. But when it comes to kids, we prefer to take some precautions to provide them some homemade food and snacks.

    Let’s stop looking at JUNK FOODS… I am looking for some healthy snack ideas for the kids to make them happy while eating the best cooked food. Please suggest the ideas asap.

    Your replies are highly appreciable.

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    My aunt is a homemaker and he is very much concerned about her kidís health. She gives very importance in preparing homemade items to serve her kids. The delicious foods are good to pack in lunch box, after school snack, which helps the kid to digest properly and have dinner.

    The snacks are delicious and very easy to prepare for kids to enjoy them tasting. Iíll list them for your reference.

    They are:

    Cheesy Popcorn
    Coconut Bananas
    Yoghurt Berry Pops
    Sweet Potato Chips
    Chocolate Biscuit
    Strawberry Melons
    Bakes Chaklis
    Apple Cheese Toasts
    Baked Potatoes and Bakes Puris

    These are the best snacks.

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