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Thread: Healthy snack ideas for 1 year old

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    Healthy snack ideas for 1 year old

    Hi friends
    I have 1 year old baby > I am totally confused to his diet . no elderly person to guide me. Kindly list me the items .I need to make sure that my child gets the best nutrition. I have consulted many doctors . He says you can give every thing . Kindly suggest me the best

    Please do the needful!!!!

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    You child should be given fruits, vegetables , breads grains and the dairy product to ensure all nutrients for 1year old baby breast milk is not sufficient enough.

    Breakfast are milk, whole milk with oatmeal, yogurt, bean soup, scrambled eggs, bread, cheese, macaroni, whole-grain cereals, waffles, soft fruit pieces and boiled or grated carrots.

    Lunch you can adding solid food containing rice Along with vegetables and meat . do not for get to feed your child of apple , banana, after removing the seeds

    Dinner healthy meal balls with pasta chicken piece with vegetables baked beans while serving make sure are cut into the small piece

    Snacks grapes cut into the piece tomato juice mix with vegetable juice allow your child to feed on his own and do not force him to eat the food . if the baby is dehydration water, juice soup and other liquid diets should be offered during meals or snacks . Be little creative while planning the healthy meals so that kid can enjoy eating them . With these useful and healthy ideas I hope you will succeed in helping you baby well and remain fit

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