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Thread: Benefits of eating only fruit in the morning

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    Benefits of eating only fruit in the morning

    Hi all,

    One of my friends is really hefty; she is so worried about that. Then most of them suggested her to consult a doctor. When she consulted the doctor he gave some medicines along with that he advised her to take fruits early in the morning. So, she just wanted to know how it works. Are there any benefits in eating fruits in the morning? If so! Please do share it.....

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    Hi preti,

    Fruits are really good for health and it is one of the components of a healthy breakfast, because, it contains lot of vitamins, minerals, water, and fibre. The merit of fibre is, it helps to slow down the digestive process and therefore helps keep full for longer time. If the required vitamins and minerals are received then it keeps you energetic the whole day.

    Here are some benfits of eating fruits in the morning

    If the fruits are consumed in the morning the whole day will be so energetic and you will be active because it provides the required vitamins and minerals
    It is also said that the regular intake of fruit will help prevent diseases and keeps one fit and healthy
    Another main advantage is that it helps to control the excess weight fron the body and helps in reducing weight
    It provides vitamins minerals protein and fibre which will be suffucinet for the healthy life style

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