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Thread: How To Take Triphala Churna

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    How To Take Triphala Churna

    I examined about Triphala Churna for weight loss, yes! This is one such best ayuvedic supplement available all over the nation for overcoming obesity & cholesterol sickness.

    Now I need help from people who have practiced Triphala Churna to give exact steps on how to take Triphala Churna on daily basis.

    Earliest Reply Will Be Appreciated!

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    Hello Devika,
    As this mixture is laxative; the recommended dosage of Triphala Churna is 1 Spoon. The procedure to intake Triphala Churna are as follows:-

    >> Must consume Triphala Churna twice a day it could be 1hr before breakfast and 1hr b4 bedtime.
    >> Take 8oz of warm water/milk in a glass & Squeeze half lemon to it.
    >> Put 1Tbspoon of Triphala Churna to the water, blend it well and drink.

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