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Thread: Dangers of Cooking Food in Microwave Ovens

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    Dangers of Cooking Food in Microwave Ovens

    Hello all,

    Few days back, when I was reading an article, I came across a topic which said miocrowave cooking is not safe as cooking in a normal cooktop. After reading that I was really shocked. Is it true what I read? If so! Can anyone of you please tell some of the dangers of cooking in microwave ovens? Please help! So that not only me it will be useful or each and everyone who are using it.

    Thank you!!!!

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    Yes, it is not safe!!!!

    Microwave foods are dangerous in several different ways. But the individual will not get affected immediately, over the long time it may lead to poor health and other problems.

    I would like to mention some of the dangers of cooking food in microwave ovens;

    One of the most important and the biggest danger of microwave foods are, it loose its nutritional value.
    The microwave cooked food loses the water content and it will also lose many vital nutrients and minerals.
    The food also loses its calories and therefore results in lack of nutrition. The consumers of microwaved food will also face some nutritional deficiencies.
    The microwaved food is chemically altered. As the food gets heated those chemicals will get into the body and indigestion is caused
    In some studies, it is proved that excessive consumption of microwaved food has led to decreased heomoglobin in the blood.

    Hope it helped!!

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