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Thread: Veena Malik to Host India-Pakistan Matches with Zaheer Abbas?

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    Veena Malik to Host India-Pakistan Matches with Zaheer Abbas?

    Hi all,

    I think you all know the bollywood starlet veena malik who is a great lover of cricket!!!!!

    I was actually going through a magazine, where, I saw some updates about Indian cricket and the latest news about the India- Pakistan T20 matches. In that I also saw an article which said veena malik is to host the T20 and three odi matches of india-pakistan along with the former batsmen zaheer abbas. I am keen to know more about that. Can anyone please update me with some information on this.

    Thank you!!!

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    Hi sagarika,

    Veena is a person who is very close to cricket and she also loves it too. It is said that she will be seen discussing the stratergies of India and Pakistan players. She followed cricket so passionately and also gained a sound knowledge of cricket. Because of her interest in cricket she is come forth to host the two T20 matches and three ODI matches between India and Pakistan combining with the old and the famous batsmen zaheer abbas. She also says that itís a great pleasure for her to host the match with the finest batsmen zaheer abbas and share the views and ideas with him.

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