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Thread: Dont want to Give up

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    Dont want to Give up


    My wife had filed 3 cases under sec 125,13,27 for divorce,maintainance and return of wedding goods. This is on since 2007. We have a 6 year daughther as well. The cases are on in court since last 5 years.

    I was not having a confirmed Job when i got married and had taken advance leaves for my marriage. My wife concived after 6 months of our marriage and as i was not having balance leaves, i could not go to see her at her parent's place. In between there were some egos issues between both the families which normally happens in any marriage. After that after around 8 months of birth of my daughter she filed these cases. I have always been trying to have a peacefull solution for this and have always tried to speak to her and her parents for the same. They had asked to me to start staying seperate from my parents which i agreed and took a seperate house but she never came back and it is till date that i am trying to pacify everyone in their famliy and trying to tell them that marriages cannt be dissolved like this. But none of them including my wife is ready to listen to me. They are not even allowing me to meet my daughter. My daughter doesnot even reconginise me. It is really a terrible life to live and horrible situation to be in, but one thing is for sure that for my wife and my daughter i will not allow this marriage to get dissolved.

    In between twice we have tried to patchup but every time some thing happens where in after some time she starts saying that SHE HAS NO TRUST. My daughter doesnot even recognise me as they have never allowed me to her. I have been trying to pacify and persue her and her family for a patch up so that we can have a happy family. I dont know what to do but i dont want this divorce to happen and really love my family.
    Now she and her family doesnot even want to speak to me and are asking to dissolve this marriage.

    I seriousely dont want this to happen.

    Please help me in suggesting way forward.

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    Hi Rahul,

    Sorry mujhe bohath hi bhoora lagha ye padh kar. kya mein jaan sakhthi hu ke aapke wife kitne saal apke saath happily the? Q apke bheech yeh jagda aaya? kya aap logon ne koi councelling class attend ki?? please reply

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