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Thread: Should I marry a girl 9 years younger than me?

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    Should I marry a girl 9 years younger than me?

    Hi All,

    My cousin Bro is in love with a girl who is 9 years younger than him. And they both are getting married in this year, my aunt is worried will they understand each other can the live their married life happily? Please any of you explain..

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    As per my opinion your bro will not face any kind of problem by getting married to a younger girl than him, if they understand each other well. I would like to tell you that she will be like a kid and behave the same to him because he is elder than her. Apart from this I donít think so you will face some problem.

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    Thumbs up Age is just a number.

    Dear Anuja,
    Happy and successful marriage depends on physical and emotional satisfaction in relationship. Now i have seen people who are about same age, but man is totally out of shape, has a 45 inches waist and 5' 2" and women can run marathons, you think he can physically satisfy her in relationship? Sex is natural and biological need in relationship. Women can hit early menopause but men can last pretty long. If women cannot get orgasms bcos of weak husband women may have headaches, whoes fault is it? Most women in india never get orgasms even if they had babies, but they just stay together bcos they do not want to look their husband bad in front of people or divorce is still a social taboo. Opposite is true as well, if man can get his wife pregnant even in his late 50's.
    So all really depends upon there physical fitness. Usually men little older is okay since women hit menopause pretty early in 30's. Now this is all physical level, how is their chemistry? If things work out i would recommend them to get married. Goodluck!

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    @ Prakash,

    Well said, Age is just a number, if 2 hearts are bonded age doesnt matter at all, Thank god she is younger than you, people are marrying elder girls than them and living happily.. Think over !!

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