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Thread: Harmful Additives In Processed Food

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    Harmful Additives In Processed Food

    As we are getting hectic with daily routine work, we as a ladies try to lesser our burden mostly in cooking i.e. we purchase processed foods and packed foods. Though we know it is an unhealthy practice but still we tend to do it for temporary stress free.

    I donít know itís because of this processed foodís reaction or what, today my aunts family is lacking back with no strength, less hemoglobin level and so on

    Now my concern is to know much about injurious Additives that are added to processed foods and their effects.

    Hope I get some valuable answer for my query!

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    Processed food are stripped of nutrients and packed with vast additives. The major harmful additives and their effects in processed foods are as follows:-

    Brominated Vegetable Oil Ė Damages Testicles/Liver/ Heart /Thyroid Cells

    High Fructose Corn Syrup - Risk For Type 2 Diabetes

    Monosodium Glutamate - > Frozen & Soup Foods -> Weakness/Wheezing/Burning Sensation

    Olestra -> Fried And Baked Foods -> Cramps/Gastric/ Diarrhea

    Artificial Colors -> Appetizers & Other Colored Foods -> Asthma/Exhaustion/Skin Allergy

    Hydrogenated Oils -> Cheap Oils Like Palm & Soybean -> Increases Bad Cholesterol/ Risk Of Heart Disease/Improves Trans Fats

    Artificial Sweeteners -> Aspartame/Saccharine/Mannitol -> Depression/Diabetes/Tumor

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