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Thread: Creative indoor games for kids

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    Creative indoor games for kids

    Hiii friends,
    As you know that I love my neighbor’s kids. I have asked some probes for them like Christmas Songs and Snacks recipes for them, etc… Today I am again troubling you all for another query. I want to know some creative and intellectual indoor games for kids. If anybody knows then kindly riposte me.

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    Of course Anagg!
    I have seen most of your posts… I think you love those kids very much..
    It’s good to make the kids to always active by engaging them in one or the other work/games.
    Some of the easy and creative indoor games for kids are given below, if you like then you can play with them.
    1. Name-Place-Animal-Thing (I think this is the famous game and everyone knows it)
    2. Build a Beetle Game
    Draw Your Own Beetle!

    Roll the dice, then be the first to create your own beetle bug!

    This is a game for two or more players, and helps kids
    practice their artistic skills.
    Dice Values:
    Here is the value of the dice and what you must roll to draw each part of the beetle:
    Dice Value = 1 — Draw a Beetle's Head
    Dice Value = 2 — Draw a Beetle's Body
    Dice Value = 3 — Draw a Leg
    Dice Value = 4 — Draw a Leg
    Dice Value = 5 — Draw a Leg
    Dice Value = 6 — Draw a Leg
    Dice Value = 7 — Draw a Leg
    Dice Value = 8 — Draw a Leg
    Dice Value = 9 — Draw an Eye
    Dice Value = 10 — Draw an Eye
    Dice Value = 11 — Draw an Antenna
    Dice Value = 12 — Draw an Antenna

    A completed beetle needs: one body; one head; two eyes; two antenna; and six legs.

    How to Play:
    Pass out a sheet of drawing paper and some markers or colored pencils to each player.
    Determine who will go first, then have that player roll both dice.
    Draw one beetle part for each roll (see list above to know which part to draw). For example, let's say you roll a 1 and a 2 - you can either draw the beetle's head (1) or body (2), but not both. Or, you can draw a leg, because 1 plus 2 equals 3, and a 3 lets you draw a leg. If your beetle already has the part you rolled, skip a turn.
    Use different colors while drawing your beetle to make it more interesting.
    The first person to finish their beetle, wins!

    3. Dots & Squares
    Print the Dots and Squares game from the link above.
    The first player starts by drawing either a horizontal or vertical line between two of the dots. Diagonal lines are not allowed.
    The next player takes their turn by drawing their own line.
    Play continues until a box is formed.
    The player who drew the last line to form a box, writes their initials inside the box to capture it.
    Each time a player captures a box, they take another turn.
    When no more lines can be drawn, count the number of boxes for each player — the player with the most boxes captured, wins!

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