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Thread: How To Make Ragi Malt At Home

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    How To Make Ragi Malt At Home

    “Ragi malt a rich nutritious health drink gives splendid energy for human body” I heard this phrase long ago, but haven’t tasted it yet. I guess now am losing most of my energy by doing various difficult tasks and I too think this is the right time for me to consume it.

    Can somebody tell me the preparation method of Ragi Malt??

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    Yup! Ragi Malt is very nutritious and it is also easy to prepare.

    1. Ragi
    2. Milk
    3. Water
    4. Jaggary /Sugar

    Note:- sprouted and roasted ragi gives immense flavor

    Method For Sprouting Ragi:-
    Immerse Ragi in water for 8-9 hours, then drain the grain and tie it in clean cloth for overnight to sprout. For excellent aroma dry cook it before powdering.

    Method For Ragi Malt:-
    Take obligatory amount of sprouted Ragi powder & add little amount of water to get powder lumps free.

    Heat a pan, pour the above texture to the pan & add essential amount of jaggery /sugar, when this mixture starts to boil pour required amount of milk and cook it for some more minutes. (The overall time required to make Ragi Malt is 7-10mnts)

    Serve it hot for fresh taste!

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