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Thread: What are the Best iron Rich Foods

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    What are the Best iron Rich Foods


    Can any of you list me some best rich foods which contains iron, It is very much urgent please help me..

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    Hello My dear Friend,

    Here is the list what actually you are looking for hope it works for you.

    Red meat
    Egg yolks
    leafy greens spinach
    Dried fruit
    Iron-enriched cereals and grains
    Beans, lentils, chick peas and soybeans

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    hi pooja

    read my reply in another similar post ....

    green vegetables [ spinach is best ] , apple , brinjal , have lemon or orange with these vegetables n fruits ..

    if wannna know anything specific u wanna know then tell me details ...

    thing is for females its very important n specially cause is very imporant ... visit doctor once and if haemoglobin is very less then u might need iron tablets ...

    women health is very important for future generation so plz dont neglect women's health ..

    take care

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    @ Rajiv and Nirupam,

    Thanx guys for your replies, I am short of it I mean in my body, I dont want to go for any medicine so planning to take fruits and vegetables to manage.. Thanx once again tc

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