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Thread: Procedure to apply passport for a newborn baby in india

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    Procedure to apply passport for a newborn baby in india

    Hi frnzzz..
    My friend got a baby boy recently and she wants to apply passport for him. If anyone knows about the procedure for application of passport for a new born baby then please reply me. Itís really urgent.

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    Applying passport for an infant or new born baby is bit difficult. You must convey the actual reason for the application of passport and if they ask for any proof then you should be able to provide the proof.
    Other documents that are needed are :
    Birth Certificate
    Ration Card
    Parents Passport

    The passport validity for a new born child is just 5 years.
    In case of single parent and children born out of wedlock or in case of parents who are judicially separated, a sworn affidavit before a magistrate, stating the facts of the case along with proofs must be submitted. In normal case the signature/consent of both the parents is required for the issue of passport to Newborn and Infants. The physical appearance of the child may be required sometimes.

    You can submit the documents and get the passport within 2-3 months. If you want passport in tatkal scheme then you need to spend some more amount of money.

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