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Thread: Do and dont's of Leaving Your Child Alone At Home

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    Do and dont's of Leaving Your Child Alone At Home

    Hi all,
    Today’s life is too busy................................ Most of them do concentrate only on work; rather they will never bother about their family, kids etc. The parents who are busy will never mind leaving children alone at home. This will tend their children to lose love towards their parents. Is it right to leave a child alone at home? If so! Can anyone tell some merits and demerits of leaving the child alone at home? Please share your views and opinions!!

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    Hi sharmila,

    In this busy life there will be some situation where parents tend to leave their child alone at home; it may be due to some important reasons like, attending a business meeting, party etc...Parents will be a bit scared to leave their child all alone in the house; hence they plan before and be prepared to leave home without any fear.

    Here I would like to give out some advantages and disadvantage of leaving children alone at home;

    Before going the parents has to set some rules for their children;

    No entrertaining any guests or friends, not to open doors for the unknown person, keep all the doors and windows shut etc

    Few do’s are as follows;

    Leaving a child alone will create a sense of self dependence
    The child will learn few things like cooking cleaning etc...
    It will not always depend on the parents for each and everything hence their thinking will be wise

    Some disadvantageus factors are as follows;

    Sometimes if the child gets sick, there will be no one to take care
    The child will not study, rather it will be playing.
    There will be no guidance of the elders.
    Kids will never study nor do homeworks.

    If you all wanted to share more please do feel free to share it..

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