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Thread: Tips for effective parenting

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    Tips for effective parenting

    hi friends

    can any one tell me few tips which is very useful for effective parenting. I think i am somewhere wrong always my son with my mother in law kindly guide me

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    Each child is individual and none of the good parenting . Many people follow the parenting habits of their parents, Try use this useful tips hope this will help you

    1> Donít underestimate your child capabilities . children can learn faster than adult , Children learn they mother tongue with short period . When children are very young they learn by making mistakes . donít force children to learn . create learning environment and let them learn . create learning environment let them learn in their own style.

    2> Avoid getting yourself into situations with your children where your patience is tested against the child's children willbe very stubborn

    3> Don't make small children promise things because it is very difficult for them to keep promises.

    4> Without knowing the reason never punish the child

    5> Don't use putdown words like, 'you are good for nothing', 'you can never succeed', 'you are useless', 'you are stupid'. If used frequently they can affect a child's self esteem.

    6> Donít speak lie in front of children they learn very fast.

    7> Be always clear and specific regarding expectation with your children

    8> Play like a kid with a kid you can have fun with your children

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    Thanks for Sharing this useful Tips with us!!

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    Parenting is not an easy task. It requires lots of patience. Many of the parents donít have much patience.
    The first point that you should keep in mind for parenting is keeping patience.

    Donít scold or beat them unnecessarily. Try to speak with them as far as possible. If you will scold or beat them, they will start telling lie. Donít let your kids to lie to you. If they lie also, never scold them. Make them understand that lying is a bad habit. They will surely understand.

    These two are the main points that a parent should remember for effective parenting.

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