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Thread: Gestational Diabetes Causes And Symptoms

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    Gestational Diabetes Causes And Symptoms

    Hi All,

    My bhabhi is conceived 6 months now; she went for a monthly check up on last week. We came to know that she is having gestational diabetes. I want to know more about it if u guys aware of it kindly give me the information

    Thank you!!

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    Hello Ji,

    Nothing to worry about it, It is common with every pregnant women; Gestational diabetes comes when you are on 24 th to 29th week of your pregnancy there are chances for this to occur in your body.

    The women who gets gestational diabetes, have great chances of getting actual diabetes..

    The symptoms are :

    High blood pressure.
    Excessive urination
    Unusual thirst
    Excessive hunger
    Frequent infections

    Please consult the doctor also for more information

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