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Thread: Sleep more to lose weight?

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    Sleep more to lose weight?

    Hi all,
    Today most of the young lads are working in call centers and they do not have proper sleep they work for 8 long hourís without proper sleep. This will create many health issues and there are chances of putting on weight within few days, due to sleeping at the wrong time. I have read in an article which said sleeping for long hours will help in reducing weight. Does sleeping for long hours helps to lose weight? Please share your views and opinions!!!

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    Sleep is very essential thing in each and every human beings life. If there is no proper sleep there will be some health issues in the future. Sleeping for two many hours is also not good. At least 8 hours of sleep is required a day, eating the right ones and avoiding the wrong foods will also make you to fall asleep and keeps you energetic all through the day, and it will also help in losing weight. Sleep behavior have adverse affect on weight. Short term sleep will increase the risk of gaining weight and various health issues. Sleeping for less than the regular time will encourage the genes that cause weight gain, while sleeping for more than nine hours will help that to suppress and also helps to lose weight. So it is better to sleep for more hours than cutting down our sleep to 7 hours.

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