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Thread: how to help my husband quit smoking

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    how to help my husband quit smoking

    HI friend

    My husband is chain smoker . I want make him stop for this smoking . but often he say me if I stop suddenly he will get heart attack is it true . Can anyone say some useful tip s to quit smoking path

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    Smoking effects the entire body and can cause many serious problems they get lung cancer, bronchitis. If your husband sure of quieting smoke . then this tips will surely help you

    Food taste will be better
    Your breath smell better
    Stained teeth will get whiter
    Do some exercise like yoga & meditation this will really work out for quit the smoking

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    hi priya

    first thing ur husband should get ready to quit ... then he should avoid the situation n company where he used to smoke ... n he should not think abt smoking ,i mean when he get this thought he has to learn to divert tat thought ...

    he can try nicotine chwing gum....

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    Hi Priya,

    Talk to him personally and explain all the dreadful effects of nicotine. There are lots of images available in net showing how the smoking damages the inner organs of tour body. Better take a print out of them and stick them in your bedroom.
    Always place the Nicotine Addiction Notes on your front door, bathroom doors, etc. this will surely prevent him from getting more cigars.

    Hope, this could be helpful to you!!!

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