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Thread: Ragi mudde health benefits

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    Ragi mudde health benefits

    Hi SD viwers!
    Do you know what the health benefits of Ragi Mudde are? Why many age old people have Ragi Mudde? Many doctors advises to give Ragi mudde for the kids and infants.
    If you know the reason kindly reply back to me..

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    You are correct Vishaka..

    Everyone has changed their eating habits. They have pizzas, pastas, etc… while feeling hungry. Even for infants and kids, their mother used to give them Cerelac, puffs, etc… if they feel hungry. I think everyone might have forget the name “Ragi”..
    Ragi which is also called as “Finger Millets” is the highly nutritious food. It is cultivated in India from ancient times.
    It contains essentials vitamins and minerals that are required for healthy body.

    It contains the following:

    Carbohydrate - 72.6mg
    Protein - 7.7mg
    Fat - 1.3mg
    Niacin - 1.1 mg
    Riboflavin - 0.19 mg
    Fibre - 3.6mg
    Calcium - 350 mg
    Iron - 3.9 mg
    Thiamin - 0.42 mg

    As it contains highly beneficial nutrients, it is recommended for kids, diabetic patients, BP patients and the people suffering from heart disease, liver and lung disorder, etc…

    Everyone should have Ragi Mudde at least once in a day.

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