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Thread: Tips to be more productive at work

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    Unhappy Tips to be more productive at work

    Hi frnz,
    I want to be very efficient in my work. I always do some or the other mistakes in my work and in turn I receive a mail pointing out my mistakes. If same thing happens every time I will get a black mark in my vocation. I donít want this to happen.
    Please give me some tips for working proficiently during office hours.

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    Everyone at some or the other stage faces such situation in work place. No need to worry about this.
    I know what kind of situation you are going through. Your husband does not love you, right?
    You might be thinking about this even during your office hours.

    See, Ankita by just thinking all the time is of no use. Either you should prove yourself in office or at your home by making your husband to love.
    You should know to segregate the duties in your office and home.
    At home you should not think about your office and during your office hours you should not think about your home. This is the primary thing that you should always keep in your mind.
    Nextly, concentration. While working you should concentrate on your work.
    Stop multi-tasking. If you have multiple works in your office; complete it one by one.
    Take a break of 5-10 min after every one hour or 90 minutes.

    I hope these tips will improve your ability to prove yourself in office.

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