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Thread: Makar sankranti special food recipes 2013

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    Makar sankranti special food recipes 2013

    The very first festival of the year is nearing.

    Yes! I am saying about Makar Sankranti. “The Farmers day” is celebrated all over India. We can see different way of celebration in different state and the food preparation also varies.

    SD viewers share how you celebrate Makar Sankranti and what are the special food that are made on this day and its recipe. Kindly share it as soon as possible coz just 12 days are there to celebrate this amazing festival.

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    Makar Sankranti falls on 14th January 2013.

    As Shawn said whole India celebrate this festival with great fun and enthusiasm. In north India everyone enjoy the day by flying kites. Women invite others for “Haldi-Kunku”.
    In Maharashtra, people exchange halwa and tilgul.
    On this auspicious day, everyone will make ‘Puran Poli’ at their home. It is a sweet dish and is offered for lunch.
    Here is the recipe for Puran Poli:

    Channa Daal
    Wheat Flour
    Cardamom Powder

    Wash and pressure cook the Channa Daal until it becomes soft. Then strain the Daal and add jiggery to it. Smash it well. Keep on stirring it over medium heat until it becomes thick. Once it becomes thick add Cardamom powder and keep it aside.
    This became the stuffing for Puran Poli.
    Let’s see the method for making poli.
    Add 5-6 tbsp. oil to the wheat flour and knead it to dough. Close the dough with a bowl till it becomes elastic.
    Make small balls of the dough as well as that of the stuffing.
    Spread the dough gently over the surface with fingers, put one ball of stuffing on it and cover from all the sides. Now spread the dough gently over the stuffing’s surface with fingers. Use the wheat flour and with the help of rolling pin roll the roti gently.
    Heat the tawa and roast the roti on both the sides.
    Serve hot with ghee.

    This is the tasty recipe that is made in all the house of Maharashtra. I hope you will also like it.

    I would like to know how south Indian celebrates this festival. If any south Indian views this thread then reply to it. I am very keen to know about South Indian Makar Sankranti.

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