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Thread: Standing and eating is it good

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    Standing and eating is it good

    I love to stand and eat food. I think thatís the best thing to follow but my parents and health advisers insisted itís the bad habit to follow where indigestion takes place. What makes the difference in sitting or standing to have the food that we like the most?

    If my guess is right they prefer sitting and having to relax and take rest to have lot of food. Though they advise I want to focus on standing and having at least once in a while.

    Please comment!

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    Hi Friend,

    Your opinion is taken into consideration because I feel very uncomfortable if I sit and have my food. I too prefer to stand and have food. I feel relaxed and digestion occurs properly and also we do lose some calories.

    If we sit and eat we will feel that stomach is full and no ways to get rid of fatness. Only thing it depends how your body will respond. If it prefers to stand then stand if not sit and have. Anything is fine.


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