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Thread: Sankranti Festival Date 2013

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    Sankranti Festival Date 2013

    Hello everyone,

    Makara Sankranti is an auspicious day to do all the Sankranti activities during the Punya Kaal. If Sankranti happens after Sunset, then all Punya Kaal activities are postponed till next-day Sunrise, as Punya Kaal activities should be done in the daytime.

    I would like to know, the Punya Kaal Muhurta and the date on which Makara Sankranti falls???

    Eagerly waiting for your replies!!!

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    Yes friend,

    The work which is done or started during Makara Sankranti will give prosperity and wealth. The juncture between Makar Sankranti and 40 Ghatis (roughly 16 hours for Indian locations if we consider 1 Ghati duration as 24 minutes) from the time of Makar Sankranti is considered to be exceptional for all auspicious work. This duration of forty Ghatis is known as Punya Kaal.

    Makara Sankranti is always celebrated on 14th January, every year and the date is fixed. As this auspicious festival is renowned based on the time, the Punya Kaal may be observed either on 14th or 15th of January.

    Punya Kaal Muhurta = 07:14 to 12:36
    Duration = 5 Hours 21 Mins
    Sankranti Moment = 07:02:37

    Mahapunya Kaal Muhurta = 07:14 to 09:01
    Duration = 1 Hour 47 Mins

    As this Punya Kaal is different for all cities, it’s important to note down the Muhurta before you start any of the activity.

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