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Thread: Home Remedies for Weight Loss

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    Home Remedies for Weight Loss

    Hi friends

    My marriage in fixed march 21 st 2013 Now I am want to reduce my weight I am over weight .I went to VLCC but didn’t felt any differences just a money waste honestly speaking and I am scared to take medicine because it effect in future so kindly please help me out for Home remedies for weight loss

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    There are many ways to reduce your weight here is the very useful home remedies

    Drink plenty of water
    Avoid eating eat meat
    As per the Ayurveda drinking luck warm water will reduce the fat
    Use only limited amount of diary product as they are rich in calories
    Drink ginger tea 2 or 3 times a day
    Eat green mint every day it also helpful to reduce the weight
    Avoid eating potatoes , rice, chanadal
    Cabbage juice is good for weight loss
    Hope this tips will help you

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    Hi chaitanya,

    Reducing weight is not a problem at all; there are lots of ways to lose weight. Instead of going to gym and following a diet chart, i think natural ways are the best. Since u had asked some home remedies for weight loss, i would like to share few tips on it;

    Here are those tips;

    • You can take up some physical exercises it is also advisable to run everyday because lot of calories are burnt through running and hence it helps in reducing weight in fraction of days.
    • Drink plenty of water.
    • You can also take one spoon of honey and mix it with hot water and drink it; then you will see a great change in yourself.
    • Avoid taking fatty foods, instead consume some protein rich foods

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    Lost 5 kgs in 100 days by simply walking 10,000 steps a day. Isn’t that just magic. The only alterations I did to my lifestyle was eating a little more of healthy food and keeping up my mark of 10,000 walking steps everyday.

    All thanks to my friend to forced me to accompany him to meet his walking step targets for a race called Stepathlon. Initially he forced me and then it became a habit.

    This has been a wonderful experience. Keep walking folks.

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