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Thread: Sankranti Festival Recipes 2013

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    Sankranti Festival Recipes 2013

    Hi friends,

    This is the first Makara Sankranti for my sister after her wedding. Her mom-in-law asked her to prepare delectable for this joyful occasion. My sister is unaware of the mouth-watering dishes that are made especially on Sankranti. I’m looking for the recipe of some of the delicacy made of sweet stuffing. Please elaborate the preparation method along with the ingredients required.


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    Hi Sri,

    My hearty Sankranti Wishes to you and your sister!!!

    It’s impossible to think of any festival without any sweet dish. As Makara Sankranti is a harvest festival, which is celebrated throughout India, lots of cooking takes place on this day, and it is served among friends, family, and relatives.

    Given below are the few Sankranti recipes and I’m sure that these scrumptious food items will make one crave for it…

    1. Til Ke Ladoo

    1 cup Til
    2 cups Jaggery
    1/2 cup Peanuts
    4 tsp Ghee
    1/2 cup Water


    • Roast the til directly on a pan until it turns slightly brown. Also dry roast the peanuts.
    • Make powder of both ingredients.
    • Heat the kadai for 5 minutes.
    • Put jaggery with water in a hot kadai and mix well till it melts.
    • Now add ghee and the powder. Mix well.
    • Make ladoos from it immediately using greased palms.
    • Til ladoos are ready.

    2. Coconut Chikki

    400 grams Dry grated coconut
    150 grams Brown sugar
    150 grams Sugar
    2-3 tbsp. Ghee


    • Put ghee on a pan.
    • Once it melts, put grated coconut.
    • Mix brown sugar, sugar, and water and let them boil in another pan.
    • When the mixture becomes hard add coconut and mix.
    • Take a bit plate with high sides and apply little oil.
    • Pour the mixture in it.
    • Cut and let it cool.

    Hope, these ingredients will make your sister to win all the hearts of her family (especially her MIL)!!!

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    Hi Anita,

    Thanks for sharing such lip-smacking delicacies. My taste buds are watering, while reading the procedure, which you've described. Surely, I'll tell those recipes to my sister to astonish her mom-in-law!

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