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Thread: Get Longer Hair Within a Week

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    Get Longer Hair Within a Week

    I cut my hair and now it is really short . It is not good I really want to grow very fast . I have next month a dance program me I wish my hair was long by that time can any one please help with the tips

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    Important event is coming up next month or a disastrous hair cut you need to remedy As soon as possible whatever the reason you have a few real strategies to get the long hair in the week . The average head hair grows at slow rate inch per month . So growing you hair long in week is not possible So what you to do?
    Straight your hair , straightening the hair is one option. This tactic will work if you have curls or at least some volume to your hair, and will give you an inch or three depending on your hair type. When you straighten it you can regain some length naturally
    Get Human Hair Extensions If you already have straight hair or want to maintain some volume and curls then you are really going to need to go the route of getting hair extensions for immediate length. The more length you need, the higher the cost. You can expect hair extensions to depending on the hair you need and the cost of the stylist. Avoid heat, such as curling irons, hot rollers or flat irons, which damage the hair. Hair professionals highly recommend that letting the hair dry naturally in order to increase growth. Eat balance diet food gives the body energy to grow the hair

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