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Thread: Standing and eating bad for you

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    Standing and eating bad for you

    Hi friends!
    I found a new topic to discus with you.
    Tell me frankly that how many of you have the habit standing and eating? I mean in your office canteen or any fast food centers.
    Recently I read an article based on the same topic. It was mentioned that standing and eating is bad for health.
    Now what you guys say? How you feel while you have your food in standing position?
    Share your experience.

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    Yes Rakesh!
    Standing and eating food is literally bad for your health.
    If you sit and eat, you will eat slowly and your digestive system will work properly. The food you intake is digested properly in slow pace.
    If you have your food in standing position, you will eat fast as compared to the person who is sitting and having the food. If you eat fast, the foodstuff will get digested fast and makes you feel hungry very soon. Due to which you will again go in search of food.
    Hence your calories will increase and the rate of being obese is high.
    So sit and have your food which is healthy.

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