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Thread: Want To Get Up Early and Exercise

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    Want To Get Up Early and Exercise

    Hi Friends,

    Keeping up a routine is hard for everyone; that too, when it comes to the task of ‘Exercise’. I went to a fitness centre for a month without fail, as I’ve paid money for a month. Then I stopped that, and thought of doing simple work-outs and weight lifting exercises at home.

    Though I kept alarm and all the work-out equipments near to my bed, I’m dead lazy to wake up early to do exercise. Please someone tell me, what are all the steps to be followed to wake up early to work out???

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    Hi Kunal,

    That has become the habit of everyone – keeping alarm and makes it snooze after sometimes. This makes you to be late, become lazy, and postpone things, and so on. If you want to be successful in everything you start, always be active.

    If you wake up early, then it is pretty enough to carry on your workouts. Here are few tips to wake up successfully in the morning…

    • Get to bed early the night before. Have sound sleep at least eight hours a day.

    • If you dint get sleep at night, then try to limit your caffeine intake. Always have warm bath and ditching the TV and computer use before bed can also promote you to relax and fall asleep more easily.

    • Motivate yourself. Make a date and set a time for scheduling your workouts. Always place your phone or alarm clock and put it far away enough, so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

    • When your alarm goes off, do not press the snooze button.

    • Lay out the clothes you plan to exercise in the night before and set your socks and shoes in front of your bed.

    • Reward your morning exercise efforts, as they are huge motivators, and thinking about the pleasure that comes after your hard work may give you that emotional push out of bed.

    • Before heading back to bed, put on your sneakers and the rest of your workout gear. Put in your headphones and start listening to some music. This makes your brain to figure out what has happened.

    Follow this to have a healthy lifestyle!!!

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