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Thread: Need long hair soon - help?

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    Need long hair soon - help?

    Hi all,

    One of my friends marriage is been fixed, she will be heading into marriage life very soon. She had a very beautiful and a long hair but from few days she is losing more number of hairs, she does not know the reason for the hair loss. So she is looking for some natural ways to get a long hair which she had before. so can anyone please give some tips to grow hair faster? Please help!!

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    Hi reshma,

    For girls hair is the most admiring and beauty factor. Almost all the girls wish to have long and thick hair, but due to some health issues like vitamin deficiency health condition etc...Some might lose the quality of their hair. If your hair is short don’t worry i would like to give some useful tips to get a long and thick hair very soon. Here are those.......

    Few tips to get a long hair;

    • First of all reduce stress.
    • Have the habit of drinking plenty of water everyday.
    • At least once in every three months trim the hair.
    • For the long growth of hair, tell her to take protein rich foods every day.
    • Massage the scalp with the fingers for about 10-15 minutes in order to stimulate blood flow there.
    • Sleep is very much important; at least 8 hours of sleep is required.
    • Always try using some natural products to the hair in order to get a better result.
    • Do not brush the hair too much; if hair is brushed often there are chances of hair fall.
    • Do not wash the hair often.
    • Please tell her to avoid chemical treatments, like perming, coloring, etc to have a quality hair
    • In your daily food ask her to take some greens like palak leaves, curry leaves etc..
    • Another simple thing is apply oil everyday.

    Hope these simple tips helped!!

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