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Thread: basic tattoo advice

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    basic tattoo advice

    I am in college now the latest trend tattoo in the arm so I decided to put t the tattoo before that can any one tell me basic tattoo advice

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    If you decide to get a tattoo, donít rush out and make an appointment tomorrow. Give yourself time to see if you change your mind.
    Always have the word permanent in your head when thinking of tattoos. This isnít like coloring your hair, buying new clothing. If you get bored of it and want to change styles later, thatís too bad. Unless you plan on going through the long, painful and expensive removal process, you will have your ink for life. Spend time in searching good artist and experienced artist get recommendation from friends, relatives etc.. You should have the general ideas before walking into the shop .
    Work with your artist to come up with a design that works for you, rather than picking a piece of flash from a book that hundreds of others have already chosen.

    This all the basic tattoo advice

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