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Thread: The best small car in India for women

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    The best small car in India for women

    Hi all,

    I am planning to buy a car, because it is very hard for me to travel too far in a bike. So i decided to buy a small car. Is there any small car for women with relatively reasonable price? If so! Can anyone please give some information on the car which is less expensive and also which will suit women. Please do let me know as soon as possible!!!

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    Hi preiti,

    For women they have manufactured many cars. There are many varieties of car for women in the market, which is more comfortable and safe. There are many stylish small cars which are especially designed for women and are available at a relatively reasonable price. Here are those cars which will suit women, please have a look at it;

    These are some of the best cars for women;

    Maruthi 800
    Tata nano
    Wagon r
    Hyundai cars
    Maruthi swift

    According to me the best one for women is “maruthi 800”

    `If you guys wanted to share more informations on this, please feel free to share!!!!!

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