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Thread: Fastest way to reduce belly fat

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    Fastest way to reduce belly fat

    Hello folks.......

    One of my cousins is thin, but she has belly fat she is seriously worried about it. Even though she is slim the belly fat stands as a hindrance for her beauty. She is looking for some tips and suggestions to reduce belly fat. Is there a fastest way to reduce belly fat? If so! Can anyone please share it? Please help!!!!!!!

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    Hi prerna,
    Most of the women wish to have a flat belly to look good, for some they have what they wish, but some women do not have a flat belly, because of few reasons like,overweight, effect of fatty foods etc... But there are few ways to reduce it a bit faster then the normal thing. Here i would like to give few tips to get a flat belly very fast.

    If you want to reduce belly fat there are few things to be done, if you take up those it will definitely help you;

    Ask her to take up some physical exercises, meditation etc... To reduce the belly fat
    It is also advisable to jog everyday at least some 2-3 kilometers.
    Drink plenty of water
    Ask her to stop doing crunches for now
    Another important thing is, tell her to reduce the consumption of calorie

    These simple things will definitely help......

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