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Thread: Best Diet For Perfect Body

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    Best Diet For Perfect Body

    Hi everybody!!
    What are the perfect diets to maintain healthy body? We can see that many people get various health issues and always go for medical checkups and spend more amounts for doctor fees. I hate hospitals and if I maintain perfect health then there question of health issues wonít arise. Hence help me guys to maintain proper health.

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    Maintaining perfect body is easy. All you need to do is go for a walk every day for half to one hour either in the morning or evening.
    Take short meals instead of one large meal.
    For example, have simple breakfast that consists of vegetables and fruits or fruit juice.
    After that for brunch you can have soups or tender coconut.
    Lunch should consist of Pulses, vegetables, a small cup of curd, roti and a small bowl of rice.
    For evening snacks you can have vegetable sandwich or corn or fruits.
    For dinner just fruits are enough.
    If you want to take egg or meat with your lunch then you can avoid roti or rice. Donít have stomach full of lunch.
    This is the simple way to maintain your body.

    Follow this diet for a month and you can see the change.

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