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Thread: Homemade hair care tips for winter

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    Homemade hair care tips for winter

    Hi all,

    As the winter heads many women get different hair problems like, dry hair, ruff hair, split ends, dandruff etc....For these hair problems people use different kind of chemical products like shampoo, conditioners etc..These regular products can be a cause of damaged hair. In order to avoid all these stuffs can anyone please give some homemade hair care tips? Please help!

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    During winter it is a must that we should take extra care on hair, most of the women have different hair problems like dandruff, split ends etc...In order to avoid those hair problems, here i would like to give out some homemade hair care tips especially for this winter season here it goes;

    Take up some ingrdiants which are available in your home like ginger lemon and vegetable oil.......the first thing to be done is take a small amount of ginger and press it in which you will get at least one tea spoon of juice, with that add one tea spoon of normal vegetable oil and lemon juice and mix it well. Later apply the mixture all over the head and allow it to dry for few minutes, and then wash it. If you want the best results try doing it at least twice in a month.

    Hot oil therapy: This is also one of the most effective and the easiest treatment for a good hair, massage the hot oil on the scalp along with lemon juice and vinegar which is used in cosmetics and wash it with the good shampoo. This can be done to have a dandruff free hair.

    Applying oil before taking head bath is also one of the best treatments for dull and ruff hair.

    Eat foods like greens, fruits and protein rich foods to have a glowing and a healthy hair.

    Hope these above mentioned tips helped!!!!

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    Its very helpful information.

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