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Thread: Importance Of Oral Hygiene In Children

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    Importance Of Oral Hygiene In Children

    Why is Developing Good Oral Health So Important?? Can somebody give me a brief definition on significance Of Oral Hygiene In kids and parents role in it??

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    Good oral practice specifically keeping mouth clean and healthy by regular brushing will tend to defeat diseases like Tooth decay, Gum disease, Halitosis & Plague. Always Building hygiene in kids @ early stage is right way of parenting.

    Role of parents in Children Oral Hygiene:-
    For first twelve years of child parents must supervise children tooth brushing with various techniques.
    Each time when child finished brushing, parents must re-brush the harder area of mouth.
    Most of the kids frantic to brush, for these kidsí parents must motivate child with playful techniques to brush their teeth daily.

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