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Thread: Most effective Yoga Poses

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    Most effective Yoga Poses

    Hey All,

    I got to see that many of sd friends are asking for yoga’s here so I have some poses of yoga which is very effective for both if you are not aware of this. Kindly watch some videos online then practice at home..

    1. Forward Fold ( Stretches hamstrings, calves, and hips; strengthens legs and knees)

    2. Downward-Facing Dog ( Stretches feet, shoulders, hamstrings, and calves; strengthens arms, legs, and core)

    3. Chair - (Stretches shoulders and chest; strengthens thighs, calves, spine, and ankles)

    4. Crescent Lunge -(Loosens tight hips by stretching the groin; strengthens arms and legs)

    5. Bridge -Stretches chest, neck, spine, and hips

    6. Bow Pose - Stretches hips, shoulders, and thighs; strengthens back

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    Hello viresh ji,

    Thank you so much for your tips on asanas, I was in so much need of it, mujhe patha nahi chalra ke mein kaise aapko shriya bholu, Thank you so much again for sharing such a wonderful informatio,

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