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Thread: Ayurvedic Tips Of Increasing Hair Density

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    Ayurvedic Tips Of Increasing Hair Density

    I want my hairs to be thick and black, is there anyways to gain this profit through Ayurvedic process? If so, kindly suggest some tips here….

    Waiting for your valuable response!

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    Ayurvedic medication for Hair Density is the right choice ever, coz this treatment doesn’t contain any kind of side effects. The following are important Ayurvedic directives for Increasing Hair Density.

    Weekly thrice Washing hair with tea decoction increases the shine and length of hair.
    Consuming coconut juice will help to grow hair rapidly.

    Heat Almond oil & coconut oil for 2minutes and massage that oil to scalp for 20-30mutes and rinse hair with shikakai.

    Make paste out of Methi, lemon, curd, and then massage this paste on scalp for 20 minutes and rinse it with Luke warm water gently.

    Massage scalp with pure mustard oil and leave it for 2 to 3 hours and then rinse it with Luke warm water.

    The best Auyrvedic instant hair growth oil are Neeli Bringha, kunthalakanthi & Kunthalamrutham.

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