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Thread: Movies sequels are better than original?

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    Movies sequels are better than original?

    Hi Guys!
    What you all think about Sequel of a successful movie???
    For example Dabangg 2, Race 2, Murder 2, Raaz 2 and Raaz 3, etc…
    Are the sequels better than the original movie?
    Is there any more sequel movies going to get release in forthcoming days?

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    Hi Abhi..
    To my point of view, the sequels are not as good as compared to the original movies. If you see ‘Sholay’ starring Amithab Bachchan and Dharmendra which is a massive hit. Even if the movie is rereleased then it will be houseful. Few years ago, Ram Gopal Verma has directed the sequel of this beautiful movie and released it in the name of ‘Aag’ which was pulled out from theatres within 3 weeks. No one really wanted to watch the movie.
    Similarly ‘Raaz’ starring Dino Moreo and Bipasha Basu was worth watching and it became the box office hit of the year 2002 collecting Rs.37 crores behind Devdas which was the top first movie of Bollywood in the same year.
    If you see ‘Murder’, it was more successful than ‘Murder2’.
    So the original movie is far better than the sequels.

    The latest movie that is going to get released in the near future is ‘Race 2’. Hope it will hit the box office.

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    Movies sequels are better than original

    Most of the movie sequels are better and successful. Read more updated news about Bollywood at missmalini.com.

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